No, despite this being Best Of week here at the paper, this is not the best burger in LA, although it was extremely tasty. For our next edition of Name That Burger, in which you guess the venue of a hamburger based on a picture (below) and a brief description, we thought we'd pick a pastoral outdoor setting. It's October, which is usually pretty balmy in Los Angeles, at least before the Santa Anas kick up and you start looking around for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalpyse between all the listing palm trees. For everyone who guessed Pasadena's Pie 'n Burger for #8, you were right. Although I'm thinking maybe you don't need any hints for this one–or any of them, if the response time is any indication–it's Wagyu beef under that thatch of iceberg lettuce. Tweet your guess @LAWeeklyFood, or comment below.

To recap: 1) Umami Burger; 2) Rustic Canyon; 3) Michael Mina's XIV; 4) comme Ça; 5) In-N-Out; 6) Golden State; 7) BLD; 8) Pie 'n Burger.

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