This next edition of Name That Burger, in which you guess the venue of a hamburger based on a picture (below) and a brief description, is the 10th. Should we stop? You tell me. Ten is a nice round number, although it by no means comes close to exhausting (or even properly representing) the number of excellent burgers in this town. #9 was, as a few of you guessed by the ambiance and the lighting, the burger at Cora's Coffee Shop. This burger is a pretty classic example: grass-fed beef, brioche bun, white cheddar, and a 'secret sauce' which involves aïoli and bacon. Comment below or tweet your guess @LAWeeklyFood.

To recap: 1) Umami Burger; 2) Rustic Canyon; 3) Michael Mina's XIV; 4) comme Ça; 5) In-N-Out; 6) Golden State; 7) BLD; 8) Pie 'n Burger; 9) Cora's Coffee Shop.

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