Thanks for playing last week's installment of Name That Burger. For everyone who answered Rustic Canyon, you were correct. Perhaps this game should be more cryptic. But honestly, it's more fun to describe a hamburger if you're not being overly coy. Although this whole guessing game thing does beg the question: are the best burgers by definition those that have unique identifiers? Or are they easily tagged because there simply aren't more than a handful of good ones? Something to ask later, perhaps. So here's another one; perhaps slightly more obscure, perhaps not. I don't know where you guys eat.

Between the halves of an onion Kaiser bun–neatly speared with a wooden skewer–you will find not one but two thin Kobe beef patties, oven-roasted tomatoes, shredded Romaine, “balsamic onions,” and melted Farmhouse Cheddar. There is also a bit of “secret sauce.” Secret sauce, that is, as opposed to the so-called “special sauce” most of us may remember from childhood, or at least from childhood television commercials. What's in it? A combination of Best Foods mayonnaise, ketchup, Sriracha hot sauce, horseradish, ground cumin, and “onion juice,” whatever that is. Okay, so it's not so secret. Unless, of course, you can't guess who makes the burger.

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