Now that the Oscars are over, it's time to go eat something. Maybe a lot of things. Fortunately for you, we've put a great deal of food and drink in one place — the Peterson Automotive Museum, where this coming Sunday afternoon, you can eat as much as you possibly can over a four-hour period without having to do much other than grab a plate.

Plate, which is the name of both the event and what you'll be carrying around (think of it as a handy mnemonic device), will be held this Sunday from 1-5 p.m. Who's coming? Oh, lots of people. Chego, Tsujita L.A., Jitlada, Lukshon, Littlefork, Starry Kitchen, Allumette, Rocio's Mole de los Dioses, Picca, Night + Market, La Casita Mexicana, Storefront … We could go on, but maybe you should just get a ticket, come over and see for yourself. And as this is a food and wine event, BUZZ Wine and Beer Shop will be curating the wine portion of the program. (Drink responsibly please; only so many people fit in my VW.)

Tickets are still on sale: $75 for as much food and drink as you can manage; $95 for VIP, which in this case means you get in early and get a fancy gift bag (this is hardly the Oscars, but hey, there's still swag of some sort or another). On that note: Maybe wear comfortable shoes and nothing with a long pink train.

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