[Updated throughout at 8:45 p.m.] A man died, presumably the pilot, when a small airplane crashed near the eighth hole of the Penmar golf course in Venice Thursday evening, Los Angeles fire officials said.

The crash at 1233 East Rose Ave. Was reported at 6:06 p.m., according to Erik Scott of the LAFD. The golf course is adjacent to Santa Monica Airport. The plane might have been a Cessna, he stated.

KCAL9 news reported that the victim was a student pilot who had been practicing “tough-and-go” take-offs and landings when the plane's engine seemed to sputter on one of the take-offs and it crashed into the course.

A golfer told the station that the course is directly under the westward take-off flight path of Santa Monica Airport and that he was surprised crashes like this didn't happen more often. Penmar park, where children often play, is next to the course.

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