So Ariel Pink is about to put a new record now, and it's kind of awesome.

So he's promoting it and he gives an interview to Heeb, a really good, hip magazine about Jewish (and related) happenings.

During that interview, Pink, who was born Jewish, says several controversial things about his opinions concerning Jewish-related matters and Israel. He's a bright guy. He's also pissed off about politics and a little ranty. He might or might not be messing with the Heeb interviewer, as a kind of punk performance art thing.

From that whole interview, Pitchfork selected (and, of course, Twittered the sorta-inflammatory-if-you-don't-know-the-context beginning of) this quote:

Jews just like to be called Jewish. That's all that they care about. They're fucking stupid. The ones that are like, not in Israel, they're just so stupid. They're all like, beefed up with national pride and all that kind of stuff. It's just bullshit. I'm totally against all that. I think you're a man of the world. Worldly. We're all from the same DNA strand, you know. It's like potatoes are our brothers. So, so, so silly.

This is the whole interview here.

Really, Pitchfork? For shame!

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