Joey Chestnut surely knows that July is National Hot Dog Month, as perhaps do the fans in the bleachers at Dodger Stadium, where eating hot dogs is a preferable alternative to counting how many days Manny Ramirez has been on the DL this season. And the folks in the seemingly permanent line at Pink's doubtless know this too, especially as, starting tomorrow, they'll have another line in which to wait for their hot dogs.

This Thursday, July 22nd, at 3 p.m. Pink's, which has been a cultural fixture on La Brea Avenue since 1939, will officially open their new location at LAX, at the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It is the justly famous hot dog company's first airport venture, and to mark the occasion, there will be the requisite ribbon cutting ceremony (pink ribbon, one hopes), as well as the presentation of a check from Pink's to the USO, the United Service Organizations of Greater Los Angeles, which provides support to U.S. service personnel and their families. A number of military personnel from various local bases will be on hand to, I guess, publicly eat hot dogs before heading off to assignments around the globe. This is the airport after all. And it's just the place to have the popular hot dog stand, if you think about it, as after you wait in line for your chili hot dog, you can wait in line for your flight with your hot dog. Multi-tasking, sort of.

LA Weekly