Pink Taco in Century City opened itself up to controversy this week when it marched out a donkey, apparently painted it pink, and let it stand outside the eatery in 85 degree heat for Cinco de Mayo.

The result, as our friends at OC Weekly pointed out, was a Facebook page called Boycott Pink Taco Century City.

“Pinky” the donkey is the restaurant's Tijuana-style mascot, and they use it likewise — for people to stand next to and take photographs. Of course, that stuff doesn't fly in L.A., the capital of out-of-work actors animal rights activists.

One woman told OC Weekly the restaurant was served with a cease-and-desist order by an “officer,” though we're a little doubtful. (What kind of “officer” in the city of L.A. would have time to check this out?).

Anyway, the backlash seemed to get to the Pink Taco clan, and its Twitter account clammed up before the crew opened up a new one and made light of the situation (in poor taste).

“Thank god we don't get lots of fat chicks here,” one tweet reads. “They bitch about everything.”

The donkey is back home at Phil's Animal Rentals, where a rep says it continues to receive good care. The rep called it a “big uproar over basically nothing.”

We would agree, unless you like to get upset over the douchey vibe that seems to ooze from Pink Taco.

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