Pierre Subeh is a business expert, author, and award-winning executive producer. He is the founder and current executive producer of X Network, a marketing and research firm that is known for its efficiency and competence in the business world. X Network has served high-profile clients such as Apple, Pepsi, Starbucks, and Abbott Laboratories.

Pierre Subeh is widely known for his advocacy for Middle-Eastern representation. He was part of the effort to make the U.S Department of State, the U.S Department of Homeland Security, and the White House under the Biden-Harris Administration recognize the month of April as the National Arab American Heritage Month. Pierre is also a well-known entrepreneur. He started and owned a profitable business at 17 years old. His business contributions have earned him features in popular publications including The New York Post, Forbes, Yahoo News, and The Washington Post.

Pierre is a born leader when it comes to managing teams and creating new successful ventures. His business success is undoubtful and he continues to scale higher. According to Pierre, it takes more than hard work to succeed in business. Many entrepreneurs think that commitment and dedication are enough for succeeding in business. That’s not enough for Pierre. He believes that focusing on strategy and how to execute your business plan is very important. Working intelligently is better than days or weeks of hard work without purpose.

Drawing the line between your personal life and your work life is important. Pierre says it took him years to understand it, even though work is a huge part of his life. Your business life should not completely take over your existence. Instead, he recommends treating it like a part of your journey. Recognizing that your work is not part of your personality will guide your business to success.

Always endeavor to create a business culture regardless of the size of your business. Pierre attributes a business culture to be the secret to a productive team. Make your business vision clear and address the various factors that could help shape your desired business culture. He advises on creating a culture that makes the employees feel comfortable, encourages creativity, and makes them willingly contribute to the growth of the business.

No matter how brilliant and focused you are, Pierre discourages multitasking. He cites his best friend and mentor, Heather Jocelyn Blair, a brain specialist who showed him how multitasking is not real. Essentially, the brain loses up to 26 minutes trying to regain focus after being distracted. You should, therefore, tackle one task at a time until you are done. By doing so, you will be improving the probability of getting your tasks done effectively and efficiently.

If you need to hire an employee, never be in a hurry. Start by setting up an emergency fund to cushion you against any crisis. If possible, you should not hire if you do not have close to 3-6 months of their salary in a savings account. Such reserves will help you remain focused on how to grow in crisis rather than focusing on recurrent expenditures.

You also need to maintain focus on your goals but don’t be rigid. Allow room for flexibility to move with the current trends. With all these tips, Pierre Subeh has created a successful professional life for himself. Many struggling entrepreneurs can learn from his wisdom.

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