Some vendors, like Flying Pig and Komodo, expand from a food truck to a sit-down restaurant. Some, like Pie 'n Burger, do it the other way around, bringing their restaurant to the street. The iconic Pasadena burger joint is launching a food truck (@pienburger), probably next week. Owner Michael Osborn tells us he secured the necessary LA county permits on Friday and secured the Pasadena and San Marino permits today. If he's feeling ambitious, he may take the truck for a test-run this weekend, but more likely, it won't roll out until next week.

Pie 'n Burger: Cheeseburger

The truck will serve a limited version of the already small menu at the restaurant: burgers, Farmer John foot-long hot dogs, fries, a few sandwiches (roast beef, grilled chicken, grilled cheese and a patty melt), a couple salads (grilled chicken and Caesar) and a rotating selection of three to five pies. One notable difference: Unlike the restaurant, the truck WILL take credit cards.

Working with MobiMunch, the Pie 'n Burger truck will roam Pasadena, attending food truck festivals, serving businesses for lunch and catering private events (which PNB already does as a robust sideline business). “One of the things I like about doing catering is that it's more intimate, we get a little bit more face-time,” Osborn says. “The truck, with the window, is not quite as intimate, but it will still give us a nice chance to interact with people.”

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