The end of another Los Angeles summer, the end of another season of pies for Evan Kleiman. Kleiman (Angeli Caffe, Good Food) has closed her second Pie-A-Day contest and will judge the entries this Sunday, September 5th, at the Good Food Pie Contest. Pies will be eaten (the passive voice seems just right for this one) from 4-6 p.m. At last count, there were 234 pies entered in the contest, thanks to a rush of last-minute entries. As for the tally, that number, according to Harriet Ells, the hardworking producer of Good Food, includes 93 fruit pies, 28 nut pies, 34 savory pies, 27 “interpretive” pies, and 52 cream pies. Interpretive pies being, not unlike interpretive dance, the fun part.

This year's judges include: the Weekly's own Jonathan Gold, Zoe Nathan (Huckleberry), Karen Hatfield (Hatfield's), Roxanna Jullapat (Ammo), Sang Yoon (Father's Office), Akasha Richmond (Akasha) Christine Moore (Little Flower Candy Company) and Eric Greenspan (The Foundry). Best of luck to everyone, including the judges, as this writer couldn't eat pie for two whole days after judging last year's contest. The happy event will also feature an Apron Fashion Show (!), and is free. There will also be free slices of pie available after the judging. The event, the the way, is part of the Taste of Beverly Hills Food and Wine Festival.

“Everyday when I wake up and read another pie story by another gifted baker it just makes me feel good,” emailed Kleiman when we asked her about her second year of pies. “Also I'm constantly amazed by how social networks allow actual communities to form and become stronger. I really think that's the best part of the Pie Summer this year.” As for the apron show, Kleiman says that she's been noticing for years that “a lot of people who bake pies are also into either collecting vintage aprons or making retro ones. My only regret is that we couldn't get Exene Cervenka, a known collector of vintage aprons, to participate. Maybe next year.”

So go bake a pie, listen to some X, and, if you have a great apron, be sure to wear it to the pie contest. You'll be doing some pie eating too, after all. Oh, and no, as of now there is no official pie throwing scheduled for the event, though Kleiman says she thinks it's a great idea. “Don't know if Harriet is up to taking that on. Maybe if we had the contest in a park.” Okay, then, how about an X reunion with aprons and some pie throwing next year. Please?

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