9:23 PDT Update: Just Blaze rescued his cat, near death, in a thunderstorm! But, the cat doesn't live with him, but rather at his studio! We've got a picture as proof at the bottom of this post.

9:07 PDT Update: Just Blaze's cat's Twitter account is a fraud. “I didn't make that twitter account!! We are still trying to figure out who did! Lol,” he tells us over Twitter. We will let you know more details as this important story develops.

Last week we brought you pictures of jazz players with presidents. It was pretty awesome, particularly Duke Ellington and Richard Nixon. But now, something even better: Pictures of rappers' cats!

Fact is, while canines are a common subject (and metaphor) in hip-hop songs, felines don't appear in nearly enough stanzas. That's why we're psyched for the new solo album from Evidence, called Cats And Dogs, out today. Even better, in real life the Dilated Peoples MC is a proud cat owner.

Here, then, are four stories from celebrated hip-hop artists about their cats and — much more importantly — pictures of some of said cats. As a bonus, we also offer you a Snoop revelation that will change everything you thought you knew about the Dogg.

Evidence's cat Mr. Drummer

Evidence loves his cat. He says Mr. Drummer enjoys retrieving things — “He's a cat-dog” — and likes to immerse his head in a bag of marijuana and sniff it, like catnip. Drummer also is extremely sanitary when it comes to his litter box filled with Fresh Steps. “I don't want to get too deep into the defecating process of Drummer,” he says, “but due to his food and diet he really doesn't stink up the litter box.” Evidence is also something of a scholar of feline history. He notes that back in ancient Egyptian times if someone was caught killing a cat they could get the death sentence. “Some people once tried to storm a certain castle or pyramid and they let through a lot of cats first,” he adds in dramatic tones. “The people inside were scared to kill the cats so they were conquered.”

Just Blaze's cat Rags Lauren

Just Blaze has made hits for Jay-Z and Eminem. Not too long ago he adopted a young wandering cat and gave him the name Rags Lauren — a spin on Blaze's obsession with Ralph Lauren. Then he gave him his own Twitter account. His profile reads, “Meow! Meow! I went from rags to riches.” Read Rags' first tweet: “Meow I am not a Fancy Feast kind of guy. I prefer Popeye's chicken bones. Thought this was a good forum to tell you meow. Thanks.” Sadly, Rags' account has been quiet for months, and stuck on a mere 18 followers — myself included.

Kreayshawn's Cats

Kreayshawn is a proud “cat person,” as she calls herself interviews. She even named an early mixtape Kittys x Choppas. When I interviewed her a few months back, I asked what the first thing she planned to buy after signing to Columbia Records was. “[W]hen I move into a new place the first thing I'm definitely going to do is get my cats a cat castle or cat tower from Petco,” she said. She also once told MTV a story about one of her cats pooping in her shower.

Snoop Dogg bombshell below.

Snoop Dogg's kittens

Snoop Dogg has always been thought to have the sort of canine commitment you'd expect from a man somewhat named after a cartoon beagle. But Snoop's whole dog facade is a sham! At least according to Kreayshawn, who was invited to his house to record a song, whereupon she discovered something shocking.

“Snoop actually had two of the cutest little cats I have ever seen. I think their names were Rick James and Teena Marie,” she said. “I kept thinking, 'I'm at Snoop's house and he has two cute cats and they're crawling all over me 'cause I'm like the crazy cat lady.'”

Update: Here's another picture of Just Blaze's cat, chllin' in his new habitat.

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