It was only a matter of time before the L.A. taco truck craze collided with our penchant for denim. Lucky us. But hey, free jeans and tacos are involved. Sort of.

Gap is launching a new nationwide marketing campaign for its 1969 denim line that focuses on videos and print ads featuring a peek inside the design process at the Pico Creative Loft, the clothing manufacturer's L.A. design base on West Pico Boulevard. As part of the campaign, the clothing store is rolling out — surprise! — “Pico de Gap” taco trucks. The trucks will offer tacos created by celebrity chefs in several major cities including, of course, our very own denim and taco truck home base.

In L.A., the celebrity chef in charge of the Pico de Gap taco design is Marcel Vigneron, so we're hopeful the tacos will deliver. The menu will include four tacos: Braised lamb-chile negro, shrimp and smoked paprika, carnitas with chipotle peppers, and spicy tofu. You can follow the truck on Twitter @picodegapLA.

Should you be inclined to try a corporate ad campaign taco — and please do report back on how that marriage of hot sauce and hot air tastes — you'll be able to buy one on the streets of L.A. for $1.69 beginning on Monday for about two months. The tacos are (surprise again!) free for those who make a same-day purchase of 1969 denim and show their Gap receipt.

The wrappers also come with what the press release had dubbed a “golden ticket” bonus. Only here, there are no promises of circa 1964 Roald Dahl chocolate rivers, but the occasional winning coupon for a free pair of jeans (all of the wrappers include a $20 discount coupon).

Call us crazy, but yeah, we're more chocolate river types. Promises of a pair of skinny jeans aren't exactly a food lover's storybook ending.

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