Ladies, the next time you date a man that encourages you to pursue your “career goals,” or other feminist propaganda like “equality,” do yourself a favor and quit him fast, because what you're searching for is hypothetical B.S.

Yeah, it turns out you don't really want a partner. No, no — what you really want is a master! What?! You mean you didn't know that?! Me neither!

Roissy, one of the bigger names in the Pick-Up Artist (PUA) community, recently ruffled feathers on the Interwebs when he hypothesized just this in a blog post, articulately titled “What Do Women Want? A Master.

His reference points used in determining the psychology of a woman? The books “Story of O” (an erotic novel about dominance and submission) and “9 1/2 Weeks” (a memoir about a kinky and abusive affair). Reaching much?

From his original post:

These books, taken together with the real-world observations of men who actually live lives like those of the men in the books, tell us what women want.

They want a man who takes charge.

A master.

Adopt the attitude of the master, and women will revert to their naturally submissive essence faster and more profoundly than you can scarcely imagine, and no amount of feminist propaganda, insulating credentials, or careerist ladder climbing will stand in the way of their joyous, even relieving, surrender to your intoxicating dominance and confidence.

And a few days before him, another PUA by the name of Wizard Corpse posted a piece called “Women Who Love Jerks and the Nice Guys Who Love Them,” which argued women need to be aware that they like bad boys (versus wondering how they keep ending up with them) and instead look out for clear cut signs in order to avoid them. Not the worst advice (certainly applicable to some of us — ahem), until he suggests women “study how to act like a woman.”

So, how do you “act like a woman?”

  • Do not strive to be like a guy and protest that society is not letting you (even if they do) because you are NOT a guy.
  • Imitate Southeast Asian women, they know how to be feminine (NOT feminist).
  • [Men] won't mind doing you even if you're not acting like a lady (in fact we would even prefer that setup carnally), but don't expect a phone call the next day.

Tell me 'bout it, Stud.

Tell me 'bout it, Stud.

But maybe, on account of us women having a vagina, perhaps there's some truth in these statements that's difficult for some of us to see. To find out more on the psychology of women, I contacted JT Tran (aka “Asian Playboy”), PUA and CEO of ABCs Of Attraction, to see what he had to say about the recent commentary:

“As both a member of the highly controversial PUA community and apart from it (because I also work with minorities, I have to deal with the issue of white male and white female privilege in the dating arena), I feel there is a fine line between being an asshole and being dominant. When I say dominant I don't mean control the woman's life. What I really mean is confidence. This is also the type of guy who will take charge, be assertive, and make plans.

There is a “technique” in the PUA community called “negging.” The idea is the PUA insults the target (the girl he's interested in) so that it creates an emotional feeling towards him that he can later change in his favor. Basically he insults the girl so that she doesn't know she's the target. I see this technique used all of the time but very poorly. The guy thinks he's being clever, when really he's just being rude.

The idea that “women respond to masters” as quoted from Heartiste's article is a bit misleading. It's a poor way of saying, “grow a pair, man up, and be the type of guy she's not embarrassed to be seen with.” It all goes back to dominance.”

Is it possible Roissy really means “be confident” when he instructs men to be “masters?” It's true many of us women like, as JT Tran suggested, “the type of guy who will take charge, be assertive, and make plans,” but that's not exactly the same thing as a man who says women's essence is “naturally submissive.”

But what do I know, I'm just a woman who's been fed feminist propaganda, right?

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