It isn't that the food in Disneyland sucks — it does — but who wants to waste precious ride time waiting in food lines that move slower than Dumbo's (the slowest-loading attraction in the Magic Kingdom)? As a pal once said, “If you go to the snack bar in Tomorrowland, you won't end up getting your food until tomorrow.” The best bet for a filling lunch is also among the quickest — the legendary corn dog from the Little Red Wagon at the end of Main Street. Legendary as in huge, this bad boy will take you halfway around the Matterhorn to eat. It's not the prettiest corn dog you'll ever have, but after it's been hand-dipped in thick cornmeal batter and deep-fried to a funny-looking off-kilter shape, you'll know why Disneyland devotees make a beeline for the Little Red Wagon. You can also find it at the Corn Dog Castle in California Adventure. And don't forget the amazing dill pickle, which they will fish out of a barrel for you at the Market House on Main Street. Cold, vinegary and snappy as all get-out.

—Libby Molyneaux

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