Have some time to kill over the holidays while avoiding chit-chat with your second cousin twice removed? Well, why not peruse L.A. Weekly's favorite photos of 2008.  We've broken down this year's most unforgettable images into several categories: Year in Photos, Year in Food, Year in Music, Year in Nightranger and Year in Cobrasnake. Click the images below for each slideshow, enjoy and go easy on that eggnog.

Year in Photos

This year L.A. Weekly protested, partied, mingled with celebs, witnessed breaking news, moved offices across town and explored the underbelly of Los Angeles. View the full slideshow here.

Young and Restless: Year in Cobrasnake

This year Mark “Cobrasnake” Hunter traveled around the world photographing the young and the restless. Another city, another party, another unforgettable image. View the full slideshow here.

Year in Music

L.A. Weekly braved rabid audiences at the best concerts of 2008 including Prince, Coldplay, Wilco, Sigur Ros, the Raconteurs, Portishead, Public Enemy, Siouxsie Sioux, Murs and more. Plus, we hung out one-on-one with some of our favorite musicians like Flogging Molly, Slash, David Lee Roth, Brandon Boyd, Aesop Rock and Gogol Bordello. View the full slideshow here.

Year in Food

Photos of the most delicious and exotic dishes of 2008, including illegal bacon-wrapped hot dogs, live seafood and the perfect dessert. View the full slideshow here.

Lovin' the Nightlife: Year in Nightranger

Lina Lecaro loves the nightlife, baby. Check out her photo selections as she looks back at the beats, babes and booze-filled bashes that made '08 great. View the full slideshow here.

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