Is it a casino? Is it Encino? Is it a casino in Encino? Something about Vodvil, which officially opens tomorrow, evokes the disembodied sensation of spending to long in a Las Vegas gambling parlor. Hours, days, even the knowledge of what city you're can all slip away. It's disconcerting.

There's nothing terribly wrong with Vodvil, a Fairfax bar offering “game night for adults.” It's basically Dave & Buster's for grown-up city folk. That means no arcade games, no screaming children and aspirations of hipness.

There are no board games, sadly. Just themed trivia nights — “Face the Music Tuesdays” and “Word Game Wednesdays” — led by earnest hosts.

There's a menu conceived and executed by Jamie Lauren, who's rebounding at Vodvil after a breakup with Beechwood. It's finger-friendly and meant to be nibbled: falafel sliders, tuna croquettes, housemade potato chips with onion dip.

There are cocktails.

There's a karaoke room, which may make you long for the smoke-filled and OB beer-stocked dens of Koreatown.

There's a display on the wall with video game controllers and consoles from the recent past.

There's nice wallpaper paint.

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