Just as Los Angeles was breathing a sigh of relief this afternoon that the rainstorm had finally passed, some terrible driver had to go and shear off a fire hydrant in the Rose Hills.

That's all it took for an epic, 10-storyish geyser…

… to spring from the intersection of Huntington and Monterey.

Carlos Morales of local Northeast L.A. newspaper The Voice Tweeted a photo of the man-made disaster a little after 1 p.m. (See above.) And Twitter user @FitshacedALLday provided an even crazier shot from farther away:

"Some one knocked down that fire hydrant"; Credit: @FitshacedALLday via Twitter

“Some one knocked down that fire hydrant”; Credit: @FitshacedALLday via Twitter

Turns out this was not the only hydrant geyser of the day. Creepy!

At around 10 a.m., at the other end of L.A. County in those other hills, another driver sheared another fire hydrant at Haskell and Plummer, setting into motion a similar fount of chaos.

LAPD media relations describes the morning accident as “vehicle versus fire hydrant.” And the hydrant appears to have won, as the vehicle is reported to have “overturned” in the faceoff.

In related news, Jessica Simpson just compared the above incidents to the moment her water breaks. Lovely! Glad to have some (epic) visuals.

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