In just slightly over a decade since it was founded by Philip Villa, Yokkao has grown to become a  powerhouse within the global Thai boxing industry.

The Bangkok-based company’s fully-integrated operation covers gear/equipment manufacturing, international promotions, training seminars, and its own training center. With its dedicated content creation team, Yokkao now reaches over 20 million fans worldwide every month across its various social media accounts.

In January this year, Villa launched Yokkao’s first Muay Thai-inspired sportswear collection in the fashion showrooms of Milan. The fashion project is unprecedented for the Thai boxing and combat sports in general, establishing Yokkao as a progressive and innovative sports brand.

The Yokkao train isn’t stopping anytime. Based on recent interviews with Villa and according to sources in the industry, there are now plans to open a Yokkao office in Los Angeles in 2022. Villa has hinted a possible move to stateside to oversee Yokkao’s expansion and operations in the US.

Villa and his team bring with them an extensive resume with over 80 international events and nearly 100 seminars to date. The opening of a Yokkao office in the US could contribute massively to the growth of Muay Thai in the US.

Yokkao is certainly no stranger to fight fans in America. Over the years, Yokkao has organized several seminars in the country including a 3-week coast-to-coast seminar tour in 2019. The seminar team, led by Muay Thai legend Saenchai, completed a total of 20 sold out Muay Thai seminars in 22 days with over 8000 miles travelled across the country in an RV.

Following the 2019 seminar tour, Yokkao announced the launch of its US warehouse which began operation the following year. The US logistic facility, managed by Yokkao US distributor Domita LLC, improved product distribution within the North American continent, with sales growing exponentially since the launch.

There are speculations that a new Yokkao Training Center will be opened when Yokkao expands its operations in the US. Philip Villa opened the first official Yokkao Training Center in Bangkok in 2016. Featured in a CNN Money feature documentary, the gym has rapidly built itself up as a renowned Muay Thai camp that is visited by Muay Thai fans from all over the world.

Over the last few months, Philip Villa announced a series of signings to the Yokkao Fight Team including Rodtang Jitmuangnon, Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon, Sakaengam Jitmuangnon, Superlek Kiatmoo9, Petchpanomrung Kiatmoo9, Aida Looksaikongdin, Duangdawnoi Looksaikongdin, Sangarthit Looksaikongdin, as well as transgender fighter, Nong Rose Baan Charoensuk.

These young fighters join legends like Saenchai and Singdam to make up one of the most star-studded fight teams in Muay Thai. The expansion of the Yokkao Fight Team could potentially lead to a series of seminars, offering fight fans in America many opportunities to train with different top fighters.

On top of all that, Yokkao will likely expand its event promotions to the States. Besides bringing its stars to headline the shows, this provides a globally-recognized platform for local fighters to compete and showcase their skills.

2022 could be a big step up for Muay Thai in America with Yokkao. It’s going to be huge.

LA Weekly