Convicted murderer Phil Spector may not be creating any new music arrangements in prison, but he's apparently been busy writing letters to pen pals. Gawker recently got hold of one sent to a Texas woman who staunchly believes in Spector's innocence. In the letter, a sometimes rambling Spector expresses grievances for what he claims is Corcoran State Prison's inhuman living conditions for its convicts.

Spector seems to vacillate between rage and a morbid fatalism, with the silver lining, as far as he's concerned, found in the anger that gives him something to live for.

Gawker's Gabriel Snyder presents a photo image of Spector's handwritten note and provides a typed transcription, although some of the original words were illegible. One sample passage:

“I'm enraged with hate at that [illegible] + judge for sending me here and [it's] hate that keeps me going. Some say hate is a good motivation. But I don't know how long it can last.”

Spector has spent the last several months at the Central Valley

Corcoran site while awaiting assignment to a more permanent facility,

where he is to spend the remainder of his 19-years-to-life sentence for

the 2003, second-degree murder of actress Lana Clarkson. As much as he has complained

about Corcoran, through his wife Rachelle, he is fighting transfer to

nearby Pleasant Valley State Prison because of its grim association with Valley fever — a fungus-based malady that has been fatal to several state prisoners.


the Wall of Sound creator's many complaints about Corcoran are that

he's kept in a round-the-clock lockdown in a cell measuring

seven-by-three feet, that the 112-degree outdoor temperatures prevent him from

exercising and that prison authorities are sitting on his mail because

of his celebrity status.

“And they call this a 'civilized society,'” fumes the 69-year-old Spector. “Bugs live more civilized beneath their rocks!”

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