From Criminal Courts Building, Dept. 106

Pre-trial hearing. Doron Weinberg complaining about not being told yesterday that Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson was going to run 30 minutes past the closing hour of 4 p.m. with his closing rebuttal argument. Turns out Jackson had previously informed Judge Larry Paul Fidler's clerk, who, in turn, passed a note to Fidler. The judge, though, never told Weinberg, who's clearly miffed. He's not asking the oversight to be placed in the record, but his exclusion from the information about Jackson going into extra innings probably only reinforces the San Franciscan Weinberg's feelings of being an outsider in this court.

Yesterday Jackson was cut off at 4:35 p.m. when a juror said she had to leave. At that time Jackson told the court he only needed 10 minutes to conclude. Today, however, he says it'll be 25 minutes. In court time, that'll probably translate into half an hour or more.

At the moment Weinberg is disputing some of Jackson's rebuttal references, but now stops as the jury is brought in. Jackson and co-prosecutor Truc Do watch the jurors parade past benignly, but Weinberg strikes an Ed Sullivan pose — one palm cupping an elbow, another hand to his ear, his expression stony. Spector and his wife and bodyguard arrive immediately after the jurors.

Semantics sparring continues, now between Do and Weinberg. Nothing to do but wait until the trial begins. Unhappily, the courtroom's county WiFi blocks from our laptops.

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