In this week's feature food story, arts editor Zachary Pincus-Roth talks to Phil Rosenthal, creator of Everybody Loves Raymond about what he's done with all his money. Really. Because the producer, writer and director hasn't just been resting on his Emmys, but has put a lot of that money into local restaurants. Jar, Mozza, Umami Burger, Bouchon, Hungry Cat, Tavern, Providence, Red Medicine, 800 Degrees, “among others.” Does this get him better food than the rest of us? What do you think. Rosenthal tells Pincus-Roth about his take on the L.A. restaurant scene, eating sushi with James Brooks, and asking “a million stupid questions” of Thomas Keller.

To me, food is an art form as valid as painting or music or anything else — it just enters you in a different way. So I'm supporting the arts. I'm supporting the quality of life in our town. I promise, it's not for the money — investing in a restaurant is as stupid as investing in a Broadway show, or a boat.

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