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PhenQ Review

Weight loss is something that is never easy to accomplish, or sometimes even to be discussed about. There are millions of people across the world who struggle to lose even a slight bit of body weight, and can attest to how they suffer from low self-esteem and low self-confidence which come as a byproduct of this condition.

The health risks associated with obesity are equally overwhelming. Right from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions and more, the list is endless. All these health risks are enough to motivate a person to undergo at least some amount of weight loss.

Have you been using different weight loss supplements from the market, only to experience zero or minimum results? We are aware of that frustrating feeling. The health supplements market is presently overflowing with all types of weight loss supplements, with more and more getting launched each month.

But there is one specific product which all weight loss aspirants must try out before giving up on their weight loss journey. We are referring to PhenQ. Having studied it thoroughly, we can say that this supplement contains just the right quality and amount of ingredients, to deliver visible weight loss results, without exposing the user to any kind of health risks.

In this detailed PhenQ review, we will take you over multiple aspects of this supplement, throwing light on its ingredients, possible side effects, benefits, workings and more. The idea is to give you every single detail you need to make a well informed decision about its purchase.

A Detailed Overview Of The Phenq Supplement

Considered a combination weight loss health supplement, PhenQ is manufactured by a company known as Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited. It functions as a fat burner, an energy booster and an appetite suppressant, all in one. The ingredients contained in PhenQ formula have been put through in-depth scientific research, and only then blended in an effective manner to deliver a wholesome weight loss product.

As per a comprehensive clinical study, α-Lacy’s Reset, one of the main ingredients of PhenQ can not only decrease the body fat by 7.24% and body weight by 3.44%, but also increase the muscle mass by around 3.8%.

All the PhenQ ingredients are completely natural, and can therefore work their magic without causing any harm to the body. The high potency of the ingredients ensures that the weight loss results are seen in the quickest manner possible.

The manufacturer has paid close attention to ensuring that the customers receive nothing but the best. Towards that end, they have employed a team of fitness professionals, health consultants and nutrition experts who worked hand-in-hand to create the PhenQ formula.

Phenq Ingredients

Each PhenQ tablet consists of the below detailed ingredients:

α-Lacy’s Reset – 25 mg

Considered the most important ingredient in PhenQ, it’s actually a formula created using new age science. This formula comprises of 3 active ingredients – magnesium, cysteine base and Alpha lipoic acid. Once consumed, it works actively inside the body to boost thermogenesis and metabolism, thereby burning fat round the clock.

Capsicum extract – 8 mg

Capsicum extract is found in chili Pepper or red pepper, and is well known to have strong thermogenic properties, which boost its fat burning effectiveness inside the body. It does its job by increasing the body’s temperature, thereby burning fat and boosting the metabolic processes. Many people have reported capsicum extract’s appetite suppression properties too, which help in cutting down on one’s daily calorie intake.

Piperine extract – 3 mg

Obtained from black pepper, piperine also has high thermogenic properties which help it easily break down body fats. Research has revealed this ingredient’s ability of preventing the formation of fresh fat cells. Its regular consumption also increases the amount of good cholesterol inside the body. Medical industry actively uses piperine for regulation of obesity-induced dyslipidemia, a health condition wherein the body’s fat levels become abnormally high in the blood.

Caffeine anhydrous – 150 mg

It’s a well-known fact that caffeine improves alertness and boosts the body’s energy levels. It also has appetite-suppressant properties, thus limiting the daily food intake. Ask any weight loss aspirant and they’d tell you that the first step in this direction is controlling one’s food intake, and hence caffeine works very well for that purpose. It also boosts the thermogenesis process inside the body, thus improving the overall performance.

Chromium Picolinate – 80 mcg

Chromium picolinate is a natural mineral commonly found in whole grains, vegetables and meat. It helps in controlling the blood sugar levels by suppressing the natural desire to consume carbs and sugars. Chromium increases the sugar’s uptake by the body’s cells, ensuring that you don’t experience any sugar cravings, and are able to give your body ample time to undergo weight loss.

Niacin or vitamin B3 – 4.5 mg

Niacin promotes easy conversion of food inside the body, into energy, ensuring that it doesn’t get stored as fat. It is highly recommended that you maintain an active lifestyle while consuming PhenQ, as doing so will help you witness the maximum effect of its usage. Please note, with food quickly getting converted into energy, you might feel hungrier than normal.

Calcium carbonate – 625 mg

Calcium carbonate not only improves the bone health, but also facilitates easy burning of the excess body fats. It sends a signal to the brain that body has consumed ample amounts of fat, and any more should be broken down. The brain sends the body a signal of fullness, suppressing the appetite and preventing additional food intake.

L-carnitine fumarate – 142.5 mg

This ingredient is naturally found in foods such as green vegetables, nuts and red meat. It’s an amino acid which helps the body burn stored fats by converting them into energy. Dieting can be exhausting, and the energy produced this way can alleviate tiredness and also put you in good body shape.

Nopal – 20 mg

Nopal functions like an appetite suppressant owing to its rich fibre content. Any food with high fibre content eases up the bowel movements, while keeping you satiated for longer time periods. It’s a cactus plant which is rich in amino acids too, which provide the body with the required energy boost. It also works effectively in flushing out fluids responsible for extra body weight.

Apart from the above, each tablet of PhenQ also contains 10 mg of magnesium stearate and 5 mg of silicon dioxide (Sipernat 225).

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Who All Should And Should Not Use This Product?

PhenQ is manufactured using all natural ingredients, thereby making it extremely safe for consumption of both men and women. Even Vegans can have it without any worries. Women currently on birth control pills, and keen on undergoing weight loss can also use PhenQ on a regular basis. This is because its ingredients don’t interact with any contained in the birth pills.

However, breastfeeding women, pregnant women and people below 18 years in age should avoid using PhenQ in entirety. Additionally, it shouldn’t be had by anyone already receiving treatment for some health condition or chronic illness.

PhenQ Pros

  • Improves fat oxidation in the body
  • Is created with 100% natural ingredients
  • Results can be seen fairly quickly compared to other similar supplements
  • No need of a doctor’s prescription
  • An excellent source of calcium
  • Comes with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee
  • Bundle packages of the product can be bought at heavily discounted prices
  • A completely legitimate product manufactured by a reputed company in the health and wellness industry

PhenQ Cons

  • Can only be purchased from the PhenQ official website
  • Isn’t ideal for people below 18 years in age
  • Comprises of caffeine, which can have a negative impact on sleep patterns
  • Cannot be used by nursing or pregnant mothers

How Phenq Works?

The PhenQ formula comprises of organic and all natural ingredients which work hand-in-hand to deliver weight loss results, and potentially halt production of new fats inside the body. The product naturally increases the body’s overall mood and energy level, enabling you to stay committed to your workout regime. This makes sure that any lost body fat doesn’t come back again. There are 5 working mechanisms behind the effectiveness of PhenQ formula. Let’s look at these mechanisms below:

Removal of the stored body fats

The PhenQ ingredients work together to significantly reduce the body’s natural ability to create more fat. By doing so, it reduces the fat buildup, which is usually a precursor to the body weight gain. PhenQ mainly prevents the processes that are at the root of production and storage of body fat.

Boosts the natural metabolic rate

Being a potent fat burner, the PhenQ weight loss supplement functions as a natural metabolic rate booster. Not only it inhibits the production of fresh fatty cells inside the body, it also aids the release of stored fat deposits, enabling their easy conversion into energy.

This implies that when you regularly consume PhenQ, you will significantly increase your daily expenditure of calories, creating healthy grounds for reducing stored body fat, and hence quicker weight loss. As against the conventional diet regimes which focus heavily on slowing down the metabolic rate of the body, so that it consumes lesser calories, PhenQ takes the opposite approach by boosting the metabolic rate and causing extensive fat burning.

Functions as an appetite suppressant

Anyone serious about losing weight cannot overlook the importance of watching his/her eating habits. Once you make your body used to the habit of consuming too much food, you’d feel those hunger pangs hitting you every time you try decreasing your daily food intake.

This is where a supplement like PhenQ comes to the rescue. It has some very important ingredients which function as highly effective appetite suppressants. Hence, when you regularly use PhenQ, you feel fuller for longer time periods, and don’t fall prey to untimely eating tendencies. Your daily calorie intake will automatically go down once you have suppressed your appetite, putting you on the path to weight loss.

Boosts energy

It’s no news that people who follow those strict diet regimes are always found suffering from low energy levels, exhaustion and fatigue. However, when you use PhenQ supplement, there will be no such effects, because its ingredients prevent any such fatigue from setting in. Owing to this, you can go about leading your daily life like usual, and will not be required to give up any of your day-to-day activities just because you’re dieting or are on a weight loss program.

Mood enhancement

Another important way in which PhenQ delivers its results is by enhancing your mood, so that you don’t experience any harmful side effects like mood swings, depression and/or anxiety. This is quite contrary to the weight loss programs found in the marketplace today, which automatically lead to unexpected mood swings, short temperament and severe cyclothymia.

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Does Phenq Cause Any Side Effects?

As highlighted multiple times earlier in this article, PhenQ is created with all natural ingredients, and hence you won’t experience any negative side effects because of its regular consumption. Having said that, just like in case of any medicine or supplement available in the market, different people may react differently to PhenQ ingredients as well. You may or may not experience some of the potential side effects detailed below:

Headache – Caffeine anhydrous contained in PhenQ can cause headaches to some people depending upon how much they are used to caffeine consumption. Please note, any such headache will subside on its own, with the body naturally adapting to higher dosages.

Allergies – It’s natural that some people may be allergic to some of the ingredients contained in PhenQ formulation. One specific ingredient you should be wary of in this regard is chromium picolinate.

Nausea – Some people experience nausea during the first few days of PhenQ usage, caused mainly by higher dosages of the PhenQ ingredients, as well as increased metabolic activity inside the body. However, such feeling normally subsides in a few days’ time.

Disruption in sleeping patterns – It’s a well-known fact that caffeine suppresses sleep by increasing the brain activity. Therefore, anyone who consumes the PhenQ pill post 3 PM in the afternoon may find it hard to sleep at night.

Phenq Recommended Dosage

The recommended PhenQ dosage is 2 pills per day, one with breakfast in the morning, and the next no later than lunchtime. As also mentioned above, you should avoid consuming this pill after 3 PM, as it may disrupt your sleep pattern at night.

Every bottle of PhenQ consists of 60 tablets, an amount which is good enough to last one month. Majority of PhenQ users report noticeable results within 3 months of its regular consumption. However, it’s important to know that natural weight loss is a time-consuming process, which requires plenty of consistency and patience.

Furthermore, please note, your body will release a lot of energy as it burns fat inside. It’s important for all such energy release to be put to good use. Sitting idle can derail your weight loss journey. Therefore, make sure that you stay active throughout the day and exercise on a daily basis.

Any time you miss a PhenQ dosage, avoid doubling up your medication to cover up for the missed pill. Rather, wait patiently till next lunch or morning. In addition, always take PhenQ with a glass full of water. We cannot stress enough that you should never exceed the recommended PhenQ dosage. Although the ingredients contained in this supplement are all natural, but few such as caffeine can over stimulate your body if consumed in excess.

There is no time limit with regard to PhenQ results. While some people see results fairly quickly, others have to wait for a considerable time period. You can discontinue PhenQ usage after you’ve accomplished your target weight. Please rest assured, you won’t experience any negative side effects from its continued or curtailed usage.

Which Is The Best Place To Buy Phenq And How Much Does It Cost?

The best place to buy PhenQ is from its official website.

The official website makes the supplement available in different packages as detailed below:

  • 1 month supply of PhenQ – $ 69.95
  • 3 month supply of PhenQ – $ 139.90
  • 5 month supply of PhenQ (with a free Advana cleanse) – $ 189.95

As is clear from the above packages, you stand to save a lot when you purchase the 3 month or 5 month supply of the supplement.

Every purchase of PhenQ supplement comes with a comprehensive 60 days money back guarantee, enabling you to try out the product, without any strings attached.

Phenq Review – Final Thoughts

PhenQ has emerged as one of the most highly recommended weight loss and fat loss solutions across the world today. Carry out some research on the Internet and you will find thousands of positive PhenQ reviews posted independently on third party websites. PhenQ manufacturer, Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited, is also renowned world-over and is widely-recognised for supplying top-quality health supplements.

Considering that it is all-natural and doesn’t cause any severe negative side effects, almost anyone can use PhenQ supplement without any worries. The results obtained from the supplement are long lasting and harmless. Therefore, if you’ve been researching the weight loss market for that perfect product to achieve your target weight, PhenQ is definitely worth a try.

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