Petit Trois, the new bar/eatery from Ludo Lefebvre next to Trois Mec, has been fairly quiet during the day recently. At night the space is jam-packed with drinkers and diners, indulging in cocktails, escargot, steak frites and more. But the daytime crowd has not been a crowd at all, more like a trickle. 

This is presumably because the offerings during daytime hours consisted of two sandwiches, wrapped in paper and available to-go as well as eat-in. And while it was fun to sit at the marble bar and unwrap your sandwich, it wasn't exactly a complete restaurant experience. 

This is all about to change. Next week Petit Trois will begin serving the full menu all day long. 


Starting on September 2, next Tuesday, Petit Trois will serve the full menu all day, from noon to 11 p.m. The doors will remain open until midnight, but food will not be served after 11.  The croque-monsieur sandwich they've been serving as a late-night-only treat will move to the regular, all-day menu.

The other change is that in four weeks, the restaurant will go from a five-days-a-week operation to being open a full seven days a week. The first weekend service will be September 27 and 28. The hours on the weekends will be the same as every other day, food from noon to 11 p.m., drinks served until midnight. And no, they still don't take reservations. 

All of this means that soon, you'll be able to get your escargot fix at 3 p.m. How civilized. 

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