Do you love your pet more than is healthy? Pet Airways could be for you. It is a pet-only flight service. Pet Airways flies to New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles. The plane is a 19-passenger Beech 1900 turbo-prop. All the human furnishings have been removed (like seats and overhead bins). Instead, there are private pet carriers.

You don't actually ride with your pet. The pet flies alone. You pick it (sorry, “him” or “her”) up at the destination. A “Pet Attendant” monitors the animals–“pawsengers”–every 15 minutes during the flight. For some hilariou…I mean informative reading, do browse the FAQ section of the website.

The first flight is on July 14.

I think the next step with this is a “cats only” flight. One might coat the entire interior of the fuselage with carpet for scratching. Flight attendants could offer different blends of catnip, instead of beverages.

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