Personal Branding Expert Madison Hessler Shares How She Developed A Timeless Skillset

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Although social media and personal branding began as a hobby for Madison, it became evident by her connections made and nurtured through her social platforms just how much others not only needed help with it, but also desired to master it like she had. After years of trial and error, new strategies and old paradigms, Madison, using her research and experience, has designed a way for others to dominate in the social space – but now in only 90 days! In a society of desired instant gratification, she found that the quicker she can help someone avoid the same mistakes she made, creating a much more efficient process for them, the better. This 90 day plan is crafted and targeted to help three different groups of people: 1) those who have never used social media before, 2) those who have used social media before but aren’t super familiar with it, and 3) those who are well-versed in social media but could use some additional support. Today, Madison has taken her skillset to new heights, specializing in client brand identity sessions and brand consulting – two concepts that are crucial when it comes to improving your online reputation. In addition, Madison primarily works with females in the Christian Ministry space, helping them gain the brand clarity they deserve, so that they too can impact the masses.

In developing her skills, Madison quickly found out that social media is ever-evolving, which has kept things very interesting. Because algorithms change and terms of use are frequently updated, changing the ways things work within the platform, it is important to stay innovative in your approach to expand your reach and increase your engagement. In other words, what is the best way of doing things on social media one day, may completely change the next. With this in mind, Madison has made it a top priority of hers to stay in-the-know with social media changes, and she has also accounted for this in her 90 day transformational program by continually adapting to new processes for future clients, and informing previous 90 day “graduates” of these changes, free of charge. Madison’s desire to truly help her clients succeed from the beginning to way beyond the end of the 90 day program is unprecedented, and her servant heart is what drives positive testimonials and referrals her way.

Madison whole-heartedly believes that improving your online reputation and gaining brand clarity are two crucial skill sets that will never go out of style. We live in a digital age, where people no longer base your professionalism off of your business card and instead from your online persona; i.e. looking you up on Google and Social Media, and judging you based on whether or not they perceive you to be credible. For some professions, your online presence may not matter so much, but for others, it will be one of the major determining factors of whether or not you gain the respect, social proof and credibility that you and even your business deserve!

For additional information on how Madison can help you improve your online reputation, reach out to her on Instagram @madie_burke or via email at!

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