Performance Lab Review: Everything you need to know; ingredients, pros & cons, usage and performance, etc.

The supplement industry is often one to provide products that help to remedy a very specific problem. Everything from blood pressure, nerve health, hormone production to mending your vision.

Yet, it is rare that a range of supplements are designed to provide a complete health package. Allowing users to cover almost every facet of their health with all-natural ingredients that provide a strong foundation of health.

This can be found within the Performance Lab supplement range, an extensive and impressive line-up of supplements that will remedy everything from your energy levels, general health, sleep quality, and much more.

Today let’s take a closer look at the complete Performance Lab range, and explore everything there is inside this amazing range of supplement solutions.

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Performance Lab – An Overview

Performance Lab is a complete range of all-natural health supplements designed and manufactured by the Performance Lab company in the UK.

The supplements themselves use an interesting method of producing natural ingredients and compounds, known as Nutri Genesis. This process allows Performance Lab to extract very specific natural ingredients and use them in innovative and exciting ways.

Performance Lab itself provides two main lines of products, their CORE range and their SPORT range. Each line-up comes with a different health focus but ultimately provides an incredibly extensive array of health benefits.

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Who Is Performance Lab?

Performance Lab is one of the leading supplement designers and manufacturers in the UK. Their team of nutritional, health, and supplement experts manages to stay on the cutting edge of what supplements can provide.

They have creating many unique formulas over the years, and their hard work has cultivated into their two primary product lines they now sell today.

The company itself has a gold-standard both in the UK and internationally, and their products are some of the highest-rated in the industry.

Unlike many other supplement companies, Performance Lab comes with a clean-cut branding approach. They don’t subscribe to the over-the-top branding styles that many other supplement manufacturers use.

Instead, Performance Lab exudes an air of confidence in all of the products they produce. An understandable result of their hard work placing them firmly at the top of the industry for years.

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Exploring The Performance Lab Range

Let’s take a moment to break down both of the Performance Lab supplement product lines, as well as explore each unique supplement inside these line-ups.


The SPORT formulas from Performance Lab are tailored to support athleticism, strength, training quality, intensity, endurance, muscle growth, and overall body composition.

There are six different supplements and one utility item in the SPORT range. These include:


The Protein supplement by Performance Lab is an organic brown rice protein concentrate designed to help provide a powerful and sustained source of natural proteins for the body.

It helps to increase muscle mass, overall strength, power, and endurance. As well as providing a foundation for which you can maximize your fitness routine.

If you’re looking to get the best gains possible, then it all begins with the Protein supplement. As this is a great way to make sure you’re hitting your daily protein in-take requirements.


Carbs are the backbone of muscle performance and overall body energy. The Carb supplement by Performance Lab is designed to provide you with a strong dose of natural carbs.

Each capsule of the Carb supplement will provide over two hours of muscle energy and help to maximize the muscle activation in your body. Furthermore, it will help to increase strength, endurance, and muscle recovery.

The Carb supplement is perfect for those that need to increase the energy their bodies have to burn without turning to high calorie meals.

The supplement will also increase the rate at which you are able to absorb other nutrients. This is especially important if you take other supplements.


The BCAA supplement by Performance Lab is an interesting supplement design. It uses a range of unique natural ingredients to provide your body with a powerful source of slow-burning energy.

The amino acids present in the BCAA supplement help to maximize protein synthesis, muscle maintenance, muscle energy utilization, your growth cycles, and lean muscle development.

A great supplement if you’re looking to build a tight, lean, and toned body.


The Pre supplement by Performance Lab is a pre-workout supplement designed to provide you with a range of fast-burning natural energy sources. It does this whilst avoiding many powerful stimulants that can often cause a range of health problems later in life.

The formula behind Pre is designed to help provide more energy, enhance lactic acid buffering, increase blood flow to your muscles, flush your system with vital electrolytes, enhance oxygen utilization, and even improve your mood.

If you find yourself struggling to get into gear before beginning a workout, then you couldn’t hope for better pre-workout support than the Pre supplement by Performance Lab.


The sister supplement to the Pre formula is the Post supplement by Performance Lab. A post-workout powerhouse designed to help support your body after exercise.

The supplement is designed to provide a range of antioxidant muscle protection, anabolic muscle growth improvements, ATP energy sources, joint healing, and overall muscle repair properties.

If you are placing your body under significant stress in the gym, then you’ll find yourself healing much more effectively with the Post supplement at your back.


Ever get worried about how your body is holding onto your gains when you’re out of the gym? Well, you can put that worry away with the Maintain supplement from Performance Lab.

The Maintain supplement helps to slow down muscle loss and provide a range of powerful nutrients for your body that stimulant healthy growth and repair throughout the body. As well as some minor metabolic increases to help you shred fat whilst toning muscle.

You’ll feel stronger, more energetic, and more ready to take on your next gym day with the Maintain supplement working to support you on your off days.


The SPORTMixer is our utility item in the Performance Lab SPORT line-up. A 20oz water bottle that comes with a BlenderBall whisk to help you easily integrate your supplements into your daily life.

The bottle comes with a leak proof stamp of approval from the creators over at Performance Lab, and is the ideal way to blend all of your Performance Lab supplements with ease.

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CORE Range

The CORE formulas from Performance Lab are tailored to provide a complete general health support network for people from all lifestyles and backgrounds.

There are eleven different supplements in the CORE range, these include:


The Energy supplement from Performance Lab is designed to help support advanced mitochondrial cell energy and life vitality in your day-to-day life.

It uses a range of powerful amino acids and other natural ingredients to provide a source of natural energy that will keep you going throughout the day.

Furthermore, the supplement helps to promote vitality on a cellular level, is stimulant free, improves both physical and cognitive energy levels, and even increases your resting metabolism.

Whilst this supplement is suited for everyone. It can be a great resource for those looking to get back a little youthful energy in their day.


It can be a tough struggle to feel your cognitive focus and clarity slip throughout the day, especially for those that rely on their mind to perform their work.

That’s why Performance Lab has designed the Mind supplement, a stimulant free cognitive enhancer that helps to sharpen your mind and improve your focus.

The supplement provides a range of brain energy nutrients, cerebral circulation improvements, nerve and brain tissue regeneration properties, and even stabilization in your mental state.

A fantastically flexible supplement that can find itself useful for people of all backgrounds, lifestyles, and ages.


Sleep is a vital part of our health, and bad sleep can have a butterfly effect on our quality of life in a serious way. That is why Performance Lab developed the Sleep supplement, tailored to improve the quality of our sleep.

The supplement helps to calm our brain chemicals, muscles, and nervous system. It improves our joint comfort and promotes a healthy circadian rhythm.

Furthermore, the Sleep supplement helps to reduce the effects of sleep deprivation, treats muscle spasms, helps to extend our REM cycles, and provides higher quality sleep overall.

If you’re struggling with getting good quality sleep or find yourself waking up tired often, then you may need the support of Performance Lab’s Sleep supplement.


MCT is a supplement from Performance Lab designed to provide us with an excess of natural cognitive energy, as well as improving our overall metabolic performance.

It is, ultimately, a natural fuel. Improving our neural connectivity, extending our focus, and providing us with more mental endurance.

This supplement excels for people who find themselves in stressful or long mentally taxing environments, as well as people who are beginning to struggle with the aging process.

Omega 3

The Omega 3 supplement from Performance Lab is a powerhouse in the Omega 3 supplement world. It is designed to provide you with a massive dose of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, as well as a range of other natural compounds that improve your health.

The supplement excels at improving cell membrane structure, heart health, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

Quite interestingly, unlike many Omega 3 supplements on the market, Performance Lab has designed their Omega 3 formula around an algae-sourced alternative. Providing not only higher quality omega 3 fatty acids but a more easily digestible compound compared to mainstream extracts.

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Whilst many of the stimulant supplements developed by Performance Lab in their SPORT range avoid stimulants, that doesn’t mean stimulants are bad for you. That is why the Stim supplement was created.

The Stim supplement uses naturally sourced, refinement free caffeine, as well as a range of other healthy natural ingredients to provide you with a perfect dose of stimulation for the body.

This supplement will provide you with a stronger and more long-lasting kick of energy than your morning coffee. As well as helping to improve your metabolic rate, neurotransmission around the body and help you replenish your B-vitamins.

A great option for those that need more energy in their days and want to avoid calorie-heavy options.


We can all do with a good health boost, especially in our senior years. That’s why Performance Lab developed the Prebiotic supplement, an all-natural advanced microflora support for your metabolism, digestive system, and immune health.

The supplement will help you stimulate the growth of beneficial Bifidobacterium microflora in the GI tract while contributing to daily soluble fiber intake. This will help you digest more effectively, shed weight, and improve your immune response all at the same time.

Furthermore, the supplement supplies a range of ingredients that help to improve your heart health and balance your blood pressure.


Flexibility is often an overlooked part of our health, yet it plays a vital role in how our body ages. Whilst exercise is often the key method of improving our flexibility, that doesn’t mean it’s the only method.

With the Flex supplement from Performance Lab, you can begin to improve your flexibility in a matter of weeks. The supplement helps to improve joint health, control inflammation, heals connective tissue and provides natural lubrication to your joints.

A great option for both those looking to get fit and healthy and those looking to get back a bit of youthful flexibility in their lives.


The Vision supplement from Performance Lab is an advanced eyesight enhancer, helping to improve the quality of your vision and the health of your eyes.

The supplement supplies a range of ingredients that have been shown to help your macular pigment, ocular circulation, retinal transmission speed, eye antioxidant defenses, and long-range eye health.

Furthermore, the supplement can help with light sensitivity and declining vision. A great option for those looking to limit the number of new prescriptions they get each year and take control of their ocular health.

NutriGenesis Multi for Women

Get a little bit of everything good with the NutriGenesis Multi supplement for Women. Designed to provide you with a complete package of health benefits and help keep your system healthy and stable.

The supplement is designed for women of all ages and will help protect you from declining health. Targeting many of the underlying health factors that are important for women.

This multi-vitamin from Performance Lab uses the NutriGensis technology. A breakthrough in the way natural ingredients and compounds are extracted, refined and supplied to the body.

NutriGenesis Multi for Men

Help support all aspects of male health with the NutriGensis Multi supplement for Men. Designed to provide you with a complete package of health benefits and help keep your system healthy and stable.

The supplement is designed for men of all ages and will help protect you from declining health. Targeting many of the underlying health factors that are important for men.

This multi-vitamin from Performance Lab uses the NutriGensis technology. A breakthrough in the way natural ingredients and compounds are extracted, refined and supplied to the body.

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Who Is Performance Lab Supplements Designed for?


The beauty of the Performance Lab is that they offer a line-up of products that allows you to personally tailor what you use to what you need.

Perhaps you’re looking to get fit and need the SPORT range of supplements to back you up. You mix that with the NutriGenesis Multi supplement, and you’re happy.

Others may only need very specific supplements, such as the Flex or Vision supplements, and that’s perfect.

It’s important you approach the Performance Lab supplements with the question ‘What do I need?

The Pros and Cons of Performance Lab

Each supplement in both of the Performance Lab ranges come with their own benefits. However, let’s take a moment to break down the Pros and Cons that apply to the entire Performance Lab line-up:


  • Performance Lab uses a range of high-quality natural ingredients.
  • No stimulants are used in any supplement
  • Vegan friendly!
  • Provides a complete health and fitness package for being from all walks of life
  • Non-GMO, non-irradiated ingredients
  • Effective dosage regiments
  • Affordable premium products, with generous bulk package deals
  • Completely risk-free
  • Clean and transparent formula with no hidden additions
  • Allergen-free
  • No risk of potential mega-dosing
  • All proteins are sourced from plant-based options
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Low-carb formula designs


  • You can only buy Performance Lab from the official website.
  • Some supplements can be a little pricey compared to other retail options
  • Flavour options can be limited

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Is Performance Lab Safe?


All of the supplements in the Performance Lab range use an all-natural formula, and there are no side effects linked with any of these ingredients.

The entire Performance Lab product range has undergone a wide range of clinical and industry-specific trials, as well as being sold to tens of thousands all over the world. No side effects have ever been reported from either of these sources.

Important: Do not take any of the Performance Lab supplements if you are under the age of eighteen, pregnant, or breastfeeding.

This is not a guideline specific to Performance Lab products but instead a guideline that all supplements follow.

How Long Do Performance Lab Supplements Take to Work?

Due to the wide range of Performance Lab supplements on the market, the answer to this question is flexible. This is also due to the all-natural formulas that back these supplements, that rely heavily on your body’s ability to digest their ingredients to provide their benefits.

Many of the stimulant, energy, pre-workout, and post-workout supplements in the Performance Lab line-up will provide their benefits almost immediately. This is due to the quick digestive nature of stimulant based supplements.

However, for the majority of the other supplements Performance Lab offers, you’ll need to have a little patience.

The majority of users will begin to see results after the first two weeks of use, with the full benefits of the supplements taking root around the four-to-six-week mark.

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How Do I Take Performance Lab Supplements?

Each supplement Performance Lab offers has slightly different dosage requirements. Thankfully, each one of them will come with an easy-to-read dosage regiment guide.

Simply make sure to follow the instructions, and you’ll be on your way to a world of benefits!

Important: Do not take more of the supplement in hopes of gaining extra results. This will not work. Stick to the recommended dosage, always.

Where to Buy Performance Lab Supplements?

You can buy all of the Performance Lab supplements from its official website.

Each supplement in the Performance Lab range has a different price range, but they are sold in the same package amounts.

One-month packages of all Performance Lab supplements cost between $29 to $59, with discounts offered for a two-month package and a free bottle provided for a four-month package.

You can find the exact cost of each supplement on both the SPORT and CORE product pages. Simply click the ‘Learn More’ button.

Does Performance Lab Have a Return Policy?

They absolutely do.

If you’re not happy with your Performance Lab supplements or just are not getting the results you hoped, you can return any purchase you’ve made within 60-days.

This is a no questions asked policy. So don’t hesitate to trial the Performance Lab supplements and find what works for you!

Our Final Thoughts

It’s not often we come face-to-face with a complete supplement package on the level Performance Lab manages to provide. With each formula behind their supplements using a unique and intuitive design, Performance Lab continues to push the limit of the supplement industry to this day.

With tens of thousands all over the world using Performance Lab supplements every day and the products being showered with a positive customer and industry reviews, it’s no surprise Performance Lab is as popular as it is.

Take a proactive step for your health, and take advantage of the best supplements for your health on the market today!

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