The world premiere of Reunion in Prague, an autobiographical account of author/star HILDY BROOKS' platonic, 25-year correspondence with Czech sculptor/painter/political activist Olbram Zoubek, drew a curious mix of Hollywood, New York and Paris to the LEE STRASBERG CREATIVE CENTER. There was producer DAVID LEE STRASBERG, son of Lee, and his wife, prominent entertainment lawyer LINDSEY STRASBERG, looking very mod in a pink Carnaby Street cap; MARGITA FUCHSOVÁ, consul general of the Czech Republic; and LILY LAWRENCE, founder of the Malibu Film Festival, attired in duds that would make Mr. Blackwell scream: glittering black sequined top, black sequin-embroidered jeans and an eye-popping clutch called a “bombe” that looked like a giant Fabergé egg. Lawrence was accompanied by the elderly but eternally chic Mme. JACQUELINE STONE, mother of Oliver, her heavy Parisian accent still intact (she claims to be the first French war bride, and Ollie was born in Paris — who knew?). When we commented on her stunning three-dimensional jewel-studded leopard pendant and matching earrings, she replied only, “Cartier, darling!” Newlyweds DAVID GROH (“Joe” of Rhoda) and KRISTIN ANDERSEN-GROH held forth on the art of acting. They'd brought along David's 11-year-old son who, when asked if he'd like to be an actor, replied with a swift and fervent “No!” Other notables included Brooks' husband and co-star, JIM ANTONIO, director JACK BETTS, and actor RON RIFKIN. But the evening's big excitement came when a pal of Lawrence's noisily unwrapped a mint during the play and got an angry rap on the shoulder from a fellow theatergoer, which incited a post-play mini-riot in the aisles, with the offending parties shouting at each other to “grow up!” It was perhaps the most dramatic moment of the evening.



The danger and drama of wrestling may be fake, but at the LUCHA VA VOOM show, featuring Mexican wrestlers and VELVET HAMMER burlesquesa, the ladies on the stage weren't. The voluptuous vixens offered South of the Border-flavored vignettes in between some wild wrestlemania at THE MAYAN, and even got into the rough-and-tumble themselves as Mariposa Negra and La Reina de la Selva (V.H.'s MICHELLE CARR and HOPE URBAN) who slammed and bammed so well, they might want to consider a new vocation. Despite all the heavyweights wrestling, such as noted masked men BLUE DEMON JR. and LA PARKA, the girlie match was still one of the most popular. Perhaps that's because — oops, what a surprise — their tops came off during the fight. Mexico's midget marvels LOS MINIS elicited whoops and hollers from the screaming scenester set — which included artist THE PIZZ, DJs BIG MAMA FREAK and SENOR AMOR, rocker DONITA SPARKS, and songwriter PAUL WILLIAMS — but they lost the bout thanks to a “crooked” referee. Hosts BLAINE CAPATCH, from Beat the Geeks, and funnyman PATTON OSWALT, from The King of Queens, responded by taunting the ref for his Steve Perry-style mullet (now that's low). The action got a little too real during the LOS MEDICOS showdown, when one of their “nurses,” a.k.a. V.H.'s PRINCESS KISSAMEECOOCHIE, was pulled into the ring by a wrestler and nearly stripped, while backstage valentine vamp URSULINA (V.H.'s co-producer RITA D'ALBERT) got double-teamed by a couple of lucha lugs and was forced to show her tassel-twirling technique again and again. Guess that happens when you mix ta-tas and testosterone.



This year's International Gay Film Awards, better known as the GLITTER AWARDS, had what can best be described as an “impromptu” feel about them. Held at the RENBERG THEATER at the Ed Gould Plaza in Hollywood, the ceremony had more than a few hurdles, including a nonexistent stage manager and a no-show from co-host Sandra Valls. Comedian GABRIEL ROMERO did his best emceeing, but the presenters saved the night from certain oblivion, especially since none of the winners showed to pick up their awards (“They were all at the Berlin Film Festival,” one Glitter honcho confided). Actress LUPE ONTIVEROS noted that despite her work in Chuck & Buck and El Norte, people most remember her as Selena's killer. “If they paid you what they paid me,” she told the crowd, “you'd say, 'Where's the little bitch?'” Comedian JASON STUART noted, “If 1 percent of this country is gay, I've slept with everyone.” Stuart got the biggest intentional laugh of the night when he announced that Far From Heaven was named the best film of the year. “Todd? Julianne?” he yelled into the crowd, with mock hope that the pair was just outside catching a quick smoke. Other presenters included former Playgirl centerfold-slash-filmmaker DIRK SHAFER, Ellen alum AYRE GROSS and AKA star MATTHEW LEITCH. Palm Springs Film Festival executive director MITCH LEVINE and gay blade about town JIM J. BULLOCK were among those whooping it up at West Hollywood's only clothing-optional guesthouse, THE SAN VICENTE INN, which hosted the post-show shindig — think fun high school musical cast party. Alas, everyone did remain fully dressed.


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