L.A. has made GQ's latest “10 Douchiest Colleges in America” list, and for some reason the honor doesn't involve USC.

Maybe it's our Bruin bias, but you can't get much douchier than a college where redneck parents send their kids to be walled off from the West Coast's most-notorious barrio.

USC students have money, yet they think the Mustang GT is the epitome of sports car class (discuss). (Actually it made the list the last time we saw it — in 2009ish). Anyway, GQ decided to pick on this school instead:

Pepperdine University in Malibu, which made No. 5 on the list. (Cornell took top honors).

The magazine isn't impressed with the campus' juxtaposition of its Churches of Christ affiliation and its blingy surroundings. GQ:

Are you a Christian but also really want a Mercedes SLK in Caspian blue and to be on whatever the next “Hills” is called? Don't worry. It's all holy. Because at Pepperdine, being Christian isn't like all about washing lepers or giving money away or whatever. It's about the fact that God chose you to be beautiful and hairless and successful.

It's true, but if it weren't for young, religious aspiring-actors-gone-bad nobody would ever get laid in this town.


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