The New York Times (yup, the NYT itself!) reports that “On Tuesday HBO said it would shoot the current Broadway production of “The Pee-wee Herman Show,” which stars Paul Reubens as that impish man-child of its title, for a special to be shown next year.”

Last January we ran an exclusive profile of Paul Reubens to celebrate Pee-Wee Herman's triumphant return to the stage. You can read it here.

More from the NYT report:

Pee-wee historians – and you know who you are – may recall that HBO previously broadcast a “Pee-wee Herman Show” special back in 1981, taped at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles. That show, which Mr. Reubens and his colleagues at the Groundlings comedy theater began performing in 1980, would go on to form the basis of the “Pee-wee Herman Show” currently being presented at the Stephen Sondheim Theater on Broadway. HBO said it would tape its new “Pee-wee” special immediately after the show's Broadway run ends on Jan. 2; a broadcast date wasn't announced.

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