Well: Last year's July, 2007 tour of LA by Peanut Butter Wolf saw him jump from club to club for seven nights straight. The year before, he spun metal on 6-6-06. This year, starting on 8-1-08 and moving through 8-8-08, the Wolf is going eight days straight at eight different clubs spinning videos.

The Rundown:

8/1/08: Disco videos- Firecracker Block Party @ Grand Star, Los Angeles

8/2/08: Oldies videos – Funky Sole @ Jimmy's Lounge, Los Angeles

8/3/08: House video – Do-Over @ Cranes, Los Angeles

8/4/08: Boogie videos – Funkmosphere @ Carbon, Los Angeles

8/5/08: Party rock videos – Dim Mak Tuesdays @ Cinespace, Los Angeles

8/6/08: Reggae videos – Dub Club @ The Echoplex, Los Angeles

8/7/08: Hip Hop videos – Rootdown @ Little Temple, Los Angeles

8/8/08: Movie music videos – @ ???

And start planning your September of 2009. Because we're sensing a pattern. Here's hoping the Wolf spins soft rock in 09. Or, better yet, is spinning some crazy-ass shit that doesn't even exist yet, like some futuristic stuff that's going to come out in January of 2009 that will blow our collective minds. Isn't it time for that?

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