By now, we've all probably heard about Jim Nakano's legendary strawberry donuts: “flattened demisphere[s] big enough to use as a Pilates cushion, split in two and filled to order with what must be an entire basket of fresh strawberries, and only in season.” Fewer people know that Glendora's patron saint of fried dough also makes a peach variation of this same donut for about month during summer — and it's even better than the original strawberry.

Donut Man: Exterior

Pro Tip: Never get one of Donut Man's peach donuts the first couple weeks they're on offer. The peaches tend to be bland, underripe and too crisp. Wait until the middle or end of the run — which happens to be right now.

Get thee to Glendora by the middle of September. Donut Man's peach donuts last only as long as the peaches stay sweet and juicy. That means you have one more week, maybe two, to sample the sweetest fruit of all: fresh, tender peach wedges glazed in something like pie filling and spilling forth from rounds of airy, deeply fried dough.

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