Who knew PCP was even around anymore? What is this, a 1980s gang movie with cholos wearing white t-shirts and puffing on “sherm?”

Anyway, federal agents say they found a whopping $100 million worth of the drug — by the gallon. One-hundred-thirty gallons to be exact.

Perhaps, as our web editor suggested, PCP is the new …

… hipster drug. Better hope not. It was notorious for giving criminals fits of super-human strength that made cops immediately reach for their guns.

Anyway, this particular take-down came at the hands of the ofthe Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force (L.A. IMPACT) Wednesday, according to an otherwise ambiguous statement from the group.

They allege the bad guys had a “precursor” chemical at the ready that would have enabled them to produce another 500 gallons of the liquid drug that sells on “the street” (not really sure what street) for about $10-$20 a pop.

This will literally blow your mind.; Credit: L.A. IMPACT

This will literally blow your mind.; Credit: L.A. IMPACT

They also took $389,000 in cash from the alleged dealers.

The DEA tipped off the task force in January, setting off a month-long investigation, according to L.A. IMPACT:

L.A. IMPACT investigators learned that a suspect with links to a Los Angeles street gang was actively involved in the manufacturing of PCP. The investigation revealed that the suspects organization would distribute PCP across the country via commercial package delivery companies.

The stuff was headed for Texas, they say.

Possible suspects weren't ID'd, but we can guess they had some cool, old-school street names like “Lil Psycho.”

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