Patricio Systems Celebrates Over 10 Years Of Service As a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise

Patricio Systems is an information technology company that provides staffing solutions for state, local and federal government agencies. Founded in 2011 by disabled Marine veteran John Patricio, the company allows private entities and government agencies to fulfill their disabled veteran contract requirements. For the state of California this requirement is called Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE). For the federal government this requirement is called Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

When government agencies want to start an IT project, they need a project manager and technical resources.  Information Technology changes exponentially.  Often, there is limited technology experience within the employee community to support new IT projects. Agencies borrow and steal resources from other internal projects and business functions. Contractors can be utilized to provide competent staff highly capable of producing project success. Then ramp down to release staff as the project completes.

Patricio Systems offers just-in-time competent project resources leveraging their vast network of IT professionals and Project Managers. The company’s experience with government IT projects enables them to understand and provide the best fit contractors to ensure project success.

By operating with honesty, respect, and transparency, Patricio Systems has become very successful in its industry. Patricio Systems thoroughly searches, screens, vets, and introduces candidates efficiently. Working with Patricio Systems also enables companies to avoid the hassle of hiring temporary workers.

Before founding his company, John Patricio was working for a government contractor. He received the job opportunity from a fellow veteran who recognized John’s valuable skill set. After being hired as an entry-level help desk employee, John was promoted several times. He worked as a systems administrator, later trained to be a software engineer, and finally a project manager. While project managing a government contract, John discovered the California DVBE incentive program, and decided to go into business himself, establishing Patricio Systems.

Within the next decade, John imagines Patricio Systems growing to the next level. Eventually he would like to guide the company as a board of directors member while his son Jake Patricio, runs the business. By utilizing small business resources and investments, Patricio Systems can scale company services and approach its future goals.

Due to the success of Patricio Systems, John Patricio intends to pay it forward by creating a nonprofit that helps disabled veterans recover from their injuries and join supportive communities.

Founder John Patricio says, “Now that I’ve hired people to cover the day-to-day duties, I have the ability to focus on the strategic direction of Patricio Systems. After working very hard, I’m satisfied to reach this point. The company has become successful because I prioritized people who looked after me by being honest, fair, and transparent. I look forward to seeing Patricio Systems grow more over the years and help solve important IT problems.”

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