Patriarchy and More at Dum Dum Fest: Dum Dum Records has assembled a wonderful lineup for their Dum Dom Fest at the Echo, with filmmaker Actually Huizenga’s three-piece Patriarchy headlining. “Exploring themes of sex, power, subversion, and death, the group draws inspiration from interests in everything from Ancient Greek Mythology to 80’s slasher films,” they say. Also on the bill is Taleen Kali, Iress, and Lauren Lakis.

Last year, Huizenga told us about her love for Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine album.

“I, Actually Huizenga of Patriarchy, discovered NIN through my obsession with David Bowie as a pubescent child,” she said. “Trent Reznor scared/intrigued me when I saw him driving the cab in the video for ‘I’m Afraid of Americans.’ So I started my research listening to the albums. Pretty Hate Machine was the first album to make me cry and masturbate; to question my childish romantic preconceptions.”

“Of course Downward Spiral blew my mind and made me decide I needed to have sex with a penis as soon as possible, but Pretty Hate Machine has more of a personal connection for me mostly because as I grew older, I grew into it,” she continued.

Patriarchy and More at Dum Dum Fest: The event takes place at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 24 at the Echo.































































































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