Despite that disappointing DiCaprio flick, the revelry and decadence of The Great Gatsby and its lavish, liquor-fueled affairs continues to fascinate. The forbidden flair and glamor of Prohibition-era parties is unlike anything else, so much so that nightlife promoters continue to try to capture its magic.


This Roaring Twenties rager seeks to re-create the raucous yet elegant vibe of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s epic tome at the suitably historic Park Plaza Hotel. The venue will be transformed into the “Gatsby Mansion,” offering old-timey swing, jazz and 1920s-themed dance music in one area, and a separate ballroom with DJs playing today’s hits. Period decor, art deco props and a photo booth will be part of the retro fun. VIP admission includes whiskey, gin and cocktail tastings. Dressing in theme is encouraged but not required — but we say it’s a must! Every gal’s got a li’l glitz-lovin’ Daisy inside of her, and we love when our dudes get dapper!

607 S. Park View St., MacArthur Park, Saturday, Aug. 9, 9 p.m., $30-$65 

More information here.

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