Mustache Mondays, the gregarious downtown gay party that got its start at the Alexandria Hotel and then helped put La Cita Bar on the map, recently moved again, to the larger Globe Theatre.

On Monday the event’s organizers take full advantage of the extra space, throwing one of their biggest, most bodacious parties in the basement-turned-wondrous–rec room of the historic venue.

When it comes to hot-mess cross-dressing performances, nobody tops Christeene Vale, the Texas-based “drag terrorist” and weirdo rap artist known for such perversely poetic ditties as “Fix My Dick,” “Tears From My Pussy,” “African Mayonnaise” and “Bustin' Brown” (let your imagination run with what those last two tracks are about — if you can stomach it). Christeene — on record and especially onstage — is not for the faint of heart, and Mustache is the perfect place for her to work her wacky spectacle.

Local tranimal fashion figure and emcee Fade-Dra will join the freakfest, which is sure to spill onto the dance floor, thanks to the wild jams of DJs Josh Peace and Ma.


740 S. Broadway, downtown | Mon., Oct. 12, 10 p.m.-2 a.m. | 21+ |

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