After last year's chaotic (if much talked about) ceremony in Las Vegas, MTV has brought the annual celebration of video vamps and hams back to good ol' Los Angeles. The ceremony will be held this Sunday at Paramount Studios, and like the Sin City edition, different segments are set to take place in different areas.

Will we get a redemptive Britney Spears performance? Latest blog buzz says no, though she will appear. Maybe a bad boy boxing match in the crowd (ala Tommy Lee and Kid Rock)? Rock is performing, and he'll definitely miss an opportunity to be noticed if he doesn't allude to that fight in some way (Lee on drums maybe ?) Will Kanye West give us another sore loser rant if he doesn't win what he feels he deserves? He may have said he'd had it with MTV last year, but apparently he changed his mind and will not only be attending, he'll be performing.

MTV definitely knows how to put on a show, and let's face it, we rarely see actual videos on the channel anymore, so it really is all about the party. For those of you itching to do a little partying of your own, we've got the scoop on VMA bashes happening tonight. Warning: unless you're on the list (or look like a video girl) it might be tough to get into these (the H.O.B. one is a benefit, so that one's your best bet). See flyers below.

Also, Hollywood will be jammed with unofficial VMA bashes, and with so many artists in town, ya really never know who you might bump into out there. Check the flyers below for two clubs likely to be blingin' with B-listers and beatmakers.

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