Rough spring for L.A. parking enforcement. First a couple of officers were found cavorting in a porn video — while on-duty. Then City Controller Wendy Greuel last week revealed, among millions of dollars wasted on poor practices, a get-out-of-tickets-free “gold card” program for City Hall elites.

And, so, as parking enforcement chief Jimmy Price stepped down this week amid the controversies, more bad news for the department:

Parking cops have been discovered to have solicited prostitutes — with one case involving an on-duty officer. Another …

… allegedly punched a motorist. And yet another was convicted of shoplifting from a Macy's.

The punchline: All of the employees were still on the job this week.

All this according to NBC Los Angeles' Joel Grover, who wraps up May sweeps with the explosive allegations.

The station says it uncovered the allegations via “confidential files, public records and interviews with seven LADOT [Los Angeles Department of Transportation] sources.”

One source said of the allegations:

It isn't just a few bad apples. There are a lot of bad apples in the barrel.

Amir Sedadi, acting chief at the LADOT, said the revelations are “a black eye for the entire department.”

Ya think?


LA Weekly