Paper Citizen Feels the Fire: Singaporean singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/producer Paper Citizen told us about her Triangle Fire experience in Santa Monica.

Paper Citizen: My favorite show ever was actually very recently, over last christmas at a dive bar in Santa Monica called Harvelle’s. I had just moved to L.A. from the East Coast right before the pandemic and Paper Citizen was just starting to play out in the local scene. It was a real honor to be asked to share the bill with one of my favorite Californian bands in the city, Triangle Fire.

Everything about the night was memorable – from the friendly bartender who made the band spicy shots and hot water with lemon for the singers, to the seasoned sound and lights guy who made sure we were illuminated and that we could hear everything crystal clear. This show was packed with dear friends and music lovers who were buzzing with excitement to be out for an evening of live music, after being inside for two years of the pandemic.

At the back exit of the venue, an artist set up his table, selling prints of his beautifully hand drawn show posters he had made for this show. Last but not least, the $2 taco vendor by the parking lot that made sure everyone had delicious food through the night. We rocked the house that night, wearing colorful christmas hats, singing a selection of new and familiar songs for the dancing crowd. There was something about the space and the energy of that night, the voices, smiles and warm embraces that made us all feel seen and heard, making this a show I will always think of with love.

Paper Citizen Feels the Fire: Paper Citizen’s new single “Over the Moon” is out now.

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