By Dennis Romero and Keith Plocek

You know times are hard when people — well, women, mostly (we hope) — resort to selling their used panties for profit.

Pre-owned ladies' undergarments seem to be a hot industry on Craigslist, where we're spotting more and more of the unmentionables (and, yeah, we're mentioning them) listed for your buying pleasure.

Some of our favorite recent listings include:

This one from a man who claims he's got his grandmother's undergarments for sale:

As stated, old, soiled underwear, women's, belonged to my great granny and her lesbian roomie. Both had weak bladders and leaky shpincters. Come get em. First come, first served. Please no weirdos.

No weirdos? Funny.

This particular female says her panties are, well, fresh from recent use:

Sexy blue panties – worn one wild sex crazed weekend……… will send overnight in ziplock storage bag to preserve smell and warmth.

That's kind of … gross.

We particularly like the balls on this girl. She wants $10,000 for her used lingerie:

American Apparel underwear is a comparative bargain -- and it's new.

American Apparel underwear is a comparative bargain — and it's new.

hi I'm selling a barely worn Victoria's Secret white panties for $10,000. The panties themselves have been rarely worn only on special occasions, for the boyfriend of course (; and no worries, the panties have definitely never been worn during any of my menstruation cycles. I have the best of luck whenever I wore these babies so I hope you can get some of the swagger that I've had with this beautiful article of clothing. I'm also a UC San Diego breed, so if you're extra lucky, maybe a little bit of my smartness will rub off onto you. Local pickup only, and please no scams, no delivery, and definitely no lowballers. Serious inquiries only please. Thank you.

No low ballers. LOL. For 10 large these panties should come with a clean Carfax and a one-year warranty.

If you don't have 10 Gs sitting around waiting for the latest, greatest sucker deal to come along (and we think even Charlie Sheen isn't that stupid), we say this is the discount listing of the week.

Prices range from $10-$200. I sell panties,pantyhose,pix,socks and I love slipping them off for u…I DON'T do sexual requests so don't ask-its not going to happen…NO chats- I like a man/woman that knows what they want..

We asked one seller — who offered upgrades of making the panties “extra wet for you” and slipping them off in person — well, why:

I've been doing this a few months and, yeah, it's really to pay rent and bills. Trust me I'm well worth it. Not a hooker. Just a college chic trying to pay rent on time.

So there you have it, the used-panty economy in a nutshell. We can't wait for this dip to be over. Then maybe we can all just buy NEW underwear and go on dates with real women with the money we saved (right, fellas?).

Added: Just spotted this one (not that we're looking):

You know you're a player when you buy these through the mail.

You know you're a player when you buy these through the mail.

For Sale-Fogal used, worn & ripped pantyhose, selling at $5.00 a pair, I have several pair of these ultimate top of the line hoseiry made in switzerland. retail at $40-$65 a pair. Im a flight sterwardess and I only wear it at all the time. I have several color in gray, black, taupe, beige, creme, & Ivory all in size tall and all are sheer to the waist.

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