If a rave broke out at a Buddhist monastery, the soundtrack probably would resemble the music of Germany's Hendrik Weber, aka Pantha du Prince. Weber's ambient, abstract approach to techno favors the soothing tones of bells and chimes over the more overtly electronic textures of his peers. As heard on his breakthrough 2010 album, the misleadingly titled Black Noise, the effect is hypnotic, even as the underlying beats urge you to move. It's dance music as meditation, worthier of the name “trance” than the genre that hijacked that term. At this, his only U.S. show of 2014, Weber will augment his minimal bells 'n' techno palette with live guitar and drums, courtesy of Panda Bear collaborator Scott Mou and Norway's Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg.

Fri., May 2, 8 p.m., 2014
(Expired: 05/02/14)

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