If you have issues with your Kung Pao chicken ending up on your shirt as often as it does in your stomach — eating while driving being as problematic as texting while driving — then this news should make you pretty happy. The folks who brought you Panda Express, the Rosemead-based Chinese fast food empire, have announced that they're opening a chain of dry cleaning stores. Consider it the transitive property of fast food.

Panda Express co-CEO's Andrew and Peggy Cherng have started a new company called, conveniently, Panda Dry Cleaning, in conjunction with Proctor & Gamble, reports the Associated Press. 200 shops will open across the country over the next five years, the first of which, Tidy Dry Cleaners, opened last week in Henderson, Nevada. More shops are planned for Nevada and, presumably, California, where the Cherngs have exclusive rights to develop the facilities.

“There is no McDonald's of dry cleaners. We see this as an opportunity,” Andrew Cherng told the AP. Next the Cherngs should open a chain of liquor stores. And then bail bonds stops. In effect: the entire strip mall, which would be fast and convenient indeed.

LA Weekly