After releasing the “Nights I Cry” single in June, R&B artist Paloma Ford is about to drop her X Tapes EP, and the “All for Nothing” single. We chatted about all that and more…

L.A. WEEKLY: The release of X Tapes is a couple of weeks away — how do you think your sound has evolved, particularly since Nearly Civilized in 2016?

PALOMA FORD: I have really taken the time to perfect my craft. Lyrically, I just feel like I’ve grown so much. I’ve really been able to tap into real experiences and give you more raw emotion. Vocally, I really push myself to be in those uncomfortable keys and push my voice. I feel like all the way around, you’ll be able to see the growth from Nearly Civilized  to X Tapes, 360.

This time, people know who you are — is there a different pressure that comes with that?

I think that’s fair to say, and I’d be lying if I said that’s not in the back of your head. But I genuinely tried to rid myself of that before I even turned my project in because for me, this project especially was about coming into my own. Really evolving. Nearly Civilized is like my intro, but now we’re really going to tap into who I am. 

Is that the theme of the EP?

The theme of it is more about love and loss, and going through a break-up. But I just keep saying that because I feel like I really tap into my own feelings and emotions, and what women could really relate to. As opposed to with Nearly Civilized, I was going off of like, ‘Ok, I really like this beat.’ With this, it’s a story that I want to tell. These are the beats and lyrics that match that.

We’ve heard “Rain” and then “Nights I Cry” — would you say those two songs are representative of the vibe on the EP?

“Nights I Cry” is definitely a great representation of the vibe of the EP. “Rain” was not. “Rain” was the last song that I put on the EP, kind of to make that intro. To give it a smooth intro into the heavier, more ballad-type records that I have and that you guys haven’t heard yet. So for sure, my next single “All For Nothing” will definitely be the main point of this project all in one.

How has lockdown affected you and the rollout?

We definitely had to alter some things and readjust but overall I feel like my team, it gave us a chance to get creative and take the time to reexamine what was important to us in putting this project out, and how we wanted to roll it out. I think that the changes that we made have made it even stronger. So overall it’s been really positive for us. 

What else do you have planned for 2020?

I’m just gonna keep giving you guys great music this year. I have so much music to release, so I’m really focussed on that and giving some consistent creativity.

Paloma Ford’s X Tapes EP is out August 7.


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