On the night of New Year's Eve, a man dressed top-to-bottom in the Walmart employee uniform took off with four flat-screens at the superstore's Palmdale branch, CBS LA is reporting.

That's one way to give the middle finger to the Walton empire: By hitting those 1-percenters in their profit margin, where it counts. (OK, they probably could give less of a crap about another random theft out in Palmdale. But the one-man heist of the year had to be pretty satisfying for its architect, nonetheless.)

So smooth was this master of disguise…

… that only now, a week after the fact, has the covert operation been discovered via security footage.

“He walked in the back, loaded up four TVs into a shopping cart with the appearance of he may have been helping a customer and walked out of the store,” Palmdale Sheriff's Sergeant Dave Moore tells CBS. (We've contacted sheriff's officials for the full surveillance video.)

The thief in action.; Credit: CBS LA

The thief in action.; Credit: CBS LA

He didn't cut straight to the chase, either. Before cornering his prey, the thief allegedly took his time “[posing] as a Walmart greeter — complete with the familiar vest and name tag.”

And judging by his physical description, he needed all the inconspicuous he could get:

The suspect on the surveillance tape appears to be between a black male between 40 to 50 years old, bald and about 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 250 pounds.

If you happen to know this genius — or anything about him — the Palmdale sheriff's station is asking you to 'fess up at (661) 272-2400. Until they catch him, though, we gotta admit: Nice work, man. Not sure why no one thought of the smiley-face uniform thing before. Worked like a charm.

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