The Pablove Foundation, founded by Dangerbird Records' Jeff Castelaz and his wife Jo Ann Thrailkill, is in the middle of a fundraiser in which a bunch of really great stuff is up for sale on eBay.

If you don't know Pablove, it was started a year-and-a-half ago after the couple learned that their son, Pablo, had contracted a rare form of cancer. The disease took his life this summer. His spirit lives on within the fantastic, ever-inspiring Pablog, and through the work of Pablove. (A lot of us who never met Pablo feel a strong kinship with him due to the amazing writing of his father.)

Or maybe you know Pablove because you drive down Sunset in Silver Lake a lot, and see the logo painted on to the Dangerbird Records building. Regardless, if you're a music fan, or a film buff, or simply feel like doing something good and donating money to a worthy cause, the eBay auction contains some doozies.

There's this for film buffs:

The ultimate experience for fans of the Batman movies, aspiring actors, film buffs and film students! Join accomplished director Christopher Nolan (Batman: 'The Dark Knight', 'Batman Begins' Memento, and The Prestige) on set of his upcoming feature production and watch him in action.

Or this for music buffs:

This astounding once in a lifetime opportunity is open to all artists – either a solo or an entire band. You'll be in the same company as Green Day, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Garbage with Butch Vig sitting behind the studio console producing your song! Yes, you bring the track, and Butch Vig will produce it.

You'll arrive at world famous Dangerbird Studios in Los Angeles, CA where you will meet Butch and play him your song.

Then as the winner of this auction, you'll have access to Butch's talent and Dangerbird's star-powered facilities plus a mind-bending selection of instruments, amps and outboard equipment as you and Butch work together to maximize the potential of your original track.

If you like party rock, you'll love this:

Be the winning bidder on these rare items from Eagles of Death Metal

(1) Eagles of Death Metal vinyl LP record 'Heart On'

This is a limited edition 180 gram vinyl includes a lyric sheet plus a red vinyl 7' with two bonus tracks.

LP is Brand New and Sealed

(1) Eagles of Death Metal CD HEART ON,

CD is hand autographed by Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes.

Most of these auctions end on Wednesday afternoon, so you've got a whole night of begging, borrowing, and/or stealing before closing time. Quick, go on a crime spree (and explain to the judge that it was for a worthy cause).

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