The real Ord Noodle has just opened on Sunset Blvd. in Thai Town. The original Ord Noodle on Hollywood Boulevard drew chefs and Thai food fans with its legendary boat noodles, pork sparerib noodles with ground pork and peanuts, fish ball noodles and anything else involving noodles.

But that place was sold last year. The new restaurant is Pa-Ord, a slight name change to avoid conflict with the other place. It's the real thing because Ord herself, Lawan Bhanduram, is in charge. Ord is Bhanduram's Thai nickname, anglicized for westerners. The Thai pronunciation is more like “ought.”

Bhanduram founded and ran the original Ord, known in Thai as “Ought” Kwayteow Hoi Ka, for eight years. After selling it, she opened another place in Panorama City. Now she's back in Thai Town, with all the dishes that made the original Ord one of the hottest places there. Only the name is different.

Pa-Ord Noodle: 5301 Sunset Blvd., No. 8, Los Angeles (in a mini-mall at the corner of Sunset and Hobart). (323) 461-3945. Also at 8205 Woodman Ave., No. 104, Panorama City. (818) 782-3926.

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