Oh Puffy…

Insanely talented (and plain insane) rapper Jay Electronica has just leaked a track called “The Ghost of Christopher Wallace.” Christopher Wallace, in case you don't know, was the Notorious B.I.G.'s birth name.

Jay told MTV that “when Big was around, that time period when people used to rhyme, it was more than just the rhyme and the skill, it was the spirit of the person that you could tap in to. I really wanted to invoke that energy.”

The hyperliterate Jay namechecks Tolstoy and “Fyodor Dostoy” and the whole thing (though reportedly unfinished and sounding like a rough draft) is tough, solid, and anchored by a jazzy/soulful series of samples and a relentless beat.

But then Jay sent it to Biggie's creative widow Sean Combs, who was happy to get on board, and that's when the song acquired the following verse:

“All aboard, it's the last train, Soul train/ A bottle of Ciroc will turn a private jet to Soul Plane/ Put your seats back and trays down and feet up, 'cause we about to heat up.”

Ciroc is a vodka-like drink produced in France and pimped by Diddy in a series of ads and commercials where he prances around like Sinatra and lectures flirty drunk women into not driving under the influence.

What makes the verse peculiar and wrong (even by Diddy's mercenary standards) is that the Notorious B.I.G. could have never tasted Ciroc.

Christopher Wallace was gunned down in 1997. Ciroc was not invented until 2003, by French oenologist Jean Sebastien Robiquet.

Frank-ly, Diddy, do you give a damn?:

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