Two L.A. music institutions will come together during Saturday's USC home game vs. Notre Dame. During halftime, Latin rap/pop/rock nine-piece Ozomatli will perform with the 315-piece the Spirit of Troy marching band.

As rare of an honor as this is — other USC band collaborators include Fleetwood Mac (“Tusk”) and Radiohead at the 2009 Grammys — it seems a long time coming. One of the enduring favorites from Ozo's 1998 self-titled classic is the funk-hop masterwork “Super Bowl Sundae.”

The song they'll be performing, however, is Ozo's 2007 single “Can't Stop.” Less funky, but more fiery, so that's cool. Another fine feather in the cap of the musical diplomats, who are currently celebrating their 15th year. (In case you missed it, April 23 was officially Ozomatli Day in Los Angeles.)

USC, meanwhile, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of marching band director Arthur Bartner's arrival. In May, the band partied with WAR. Under Bartner's tenure, they've also performed with a System of a Down, the Offspring, and George Clinton.

The Spirit of Troy practicing with Radiohead:

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