Well, well… Another Thanksgiving come and gone; another family gathering survived. It took all our strength to pry ourselves off the couch and out of our tryptophan-induced food comas but we did and managed to hit the city anyway. Though nothing compares to watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade get Rickrolled, here's what we did and who we saw:

Point Break Live! at the Dragonfly
Now that the show has returned to Los Angeles, you can catch Point Break Live! every Saturday night at the Dragonfly. We recently went backstage with the cast to celebrate the show's return to Hollywood and brought our camera. Read more in the article “Can you Keanu?” and check out the Point Break Live! slideshow for all the blood, guns, surfing and ex-presidents you can handle.

M83 at Henry Fonda Theater
French electronica band M83 packed the Henry Fonda Theater on Saturday night for a sold out Thanksgiving weekend show. Check out Timothy Norris' M83 slideshow and read Buzzbands L.A.'s Kevin Bronson's review, “Big Dreams in Vibrant Colors at the Fonda.”

Koreatown Goth Party at Ruin Hollywood
Liz Ohanesian stopped by Photographer Mark “Cobrasnake” Hunter hit up some animal themed parties and discovered where the wild things really are. Click photo for the new Cobrasnake slideshow.

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